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Hi, I'm Christopher

I'm a User Experience Researcher & Designer.


I love to create meaningful experiences to enhance our lives through user empathy, beautiful design, clear communication, and clever technology.  

My Recent Qualitative Research Projects


Arizona Seller Financing

Website Redesign

Arizona Seller Financing was having trouble making conversions and meeting user goals on their website. This redesign project was focused on creating a system experience where users could easily find, track, and take action on real estate properties with the seller financing options they were looking for within Arizona. Please view the project page to learn more.



Application Redesign

The representatives from Hyundai reached out to ASU to have us redesign the MyHundai application. Hyundai had user satisfaction concerns with their current application and needed help discovering what major tasks users preferred in this mobile format. Hyundai also wanted us to measure the effectiveness of the application as a whole and discover what major functionality was crucial for the end users to build relationships with the application and that were enjoyable. Please view the project page to learn more.  



POS & Smart Fridge Integration 

Starbucks Innovation and Design Lab representatives reached out to ASU to have us come up with a solution to tie their point of sale systems to their warming fridges. Starbucks wanted a smarter and more efficient stocking and inventory process for their employees to keep them more aware of inventory shortages and speed up customer support. Please view the project page to learn. 

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