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This is me,

I am a UX researcher and designer who has been conducting qualitative research studies for over 6 years; turning data into insights, and translating insights into successful design strategies, concepts, and experiences. I love to create meaningful experiences to enhance people's lives through empathy, beautiful design, clear communication, and clever technology.


Companies hire me to help them understand who their users are, what their needs are, how those needs can tie into business goals, and how to utilize that information to create better user experiences and interactions.


I am adept at developing solutions to problems by involving the human perspective and focusing on the interfaces between people and computers, or products. I am passionate about uncovering insights from data to improve experiences and to better understand a holistic perspective of a product or system to ensure it is accessible and usable for all people.

- Christopher Durgin




Work Experience

Director Of Information Technology

Arizona Seller Financing, LLC

Dates Employed May 2019 – Present

Responsible for the acquisition, operation, integration and problem-solving aspects of both hardware and software systems. I analyze the needs of customers and different departments to determine ways to meet business objectives by modifying existing or developing new information processing systems and applications. Manager of customer research and selection of IT equipment, applications, and technology maintenance.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Arizona State University

Dates Employed Jul 2019 – Present

I assist teaching for GIT340 Information Design and Usability. Responsible for performing teaching and teaching-related duties to assist faculty members, professors, department heads and other faculty. I proctor exams, grade tests and homework, and record grades. I assign material in class as needed along with create examples for students and contribute to course assignment explanations and discussions.

Education & Studies

Arizona State University

Master of Science (MS), User Experience

Dates attended 2019 – 2020, GPA 4.0

User experience (UX) focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of products and services that are useful, usable, and desirable. The UX program addresses UX research, design, content development, communication, tone of voice and evaluation of all components and products with which end users interact. Focused studies within human systems engineering, graphic information & technology, and technical communications.

Arizona State University

Bachelor's of Science (B.S.), Technical Communication & User Experience

Dates attended 2017 – 2018, GPA 4.0 (Summa Cum Laude)

The user experience (UX) concentration of Technical Communication is designed to provide an interdisciplinary foundation in communication, research, and design. Focuses on a conceptual understanding and applied skills in methods of gathering user information, analyzing data, and communicating research findings to stakeholders. Includes courses from human systems engineering, graphic information technology, and computer information systems.

Mesa Community College

Associate of Arts (A.A.), General Studies, Computer Information Systems

Dates attended 2015 – 2017, GPA 4.0, Psi Theta Kappa

The courses I took to earn this degree allowed me to focus on preparing a broad educational foundation, perspective, and understanding about our world. Throughout this degree program, I participated in classes focused on physics, geology, art history, composition, mathematics, humanities, psychology, philosophy, global awareness, public speaking, social sciences, computer science, computer information systems, and new technologies.

Mesa Community College

Adobe Foundation Certificate, Information Technology

Dates attended 2017 – 2017, GPA 4.0

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Adobe Foundations program helps develop proficiency with three of Adobe's foundational graphics programs: Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and Animate CC(Flash). Curriculum included development of skills and understanding of best design practices in animation, illustration, photo manipulation, motion graphics, and web design.

ITT Technical Institute

Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Visual Communications

Dates attended 2010 – 2012, GPA 3.8

As a student at ITT, I studied all aspects of visual communications and the theory behind how it applies to marketing, business, and design psychology. The technical training I received focused on layout, design, typography, animation, printing processes, brand development, user interaction and semiotics utilizing the entire Adobe Master Suite, 3DS Max, and Final Cut.

Volunteer Experience

Videographer/ Editor for Social Media Videos

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Dates volunteered 2016 – Present

I have been fortunate enough to help contribute my skills to the dogs and cats at the Lost our Home Pet Rescue. My goal was to come up with a slogan and social media campaign to help improve adoption rates. I make 30 second long profile videos for the animals to help boost their exposure to the community; the videos are used on the Lost our Home Pet Rescue's Instagram, Facebook, and website. The videos are also posted on my Vimeo if you would like to see the action!

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