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Uber Elevate Project

The Uber Elevate project is concept design of an application-based booking program for future technology involving airborne taxi services. Uber has been successfully testing and experimenting with new small aircraft taxi program ideas in other countries like Australia and it is likely they will soon be available in the US. This concept’s goal is alleviating traffic and congestion in cities while being more accommodating for customers.

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Project CommentaryChristopher Durgin
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Application Preview

The key deliverable aspects of this project included an investigation test plan, prototyping, usability testing, iteration, and a final design presentation. The idea of this project was to go through a full design process and implementing a design that focused on user learnability, familiarity, function, and aesthetics while presenting a multi-platform booking solution.

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Usability Test Plan & Data Collection 

The Investigation test plan follows a human system engineering perspective with emphasis on psychological human factors along with physical. We preformed several methods for data collections including questionnaires and usability test sessions.  


Our goal was to deliver an accessible product and in order to realize that aspect it required a though evaluation process that was strictly organized and identified. We ended up with a lot of very tangible and usable data the effected the overall outcome of our design to better suit the needs of our target users.


Usability Session Recommendations & User Feedback

In the recommendations report and presentation, I outlined our key objectives including overall user satisfaction, attractiveness of the design, usefulness of the application, and efficacy of the functionality and control. We found that the design was well received based on our usability test data and only required some small revisions. We listed tasks and scenarios for users to accomplish and all of which maintained over a 76 percentile of completion. The feedback we received helped to develop a more efficient final design.

Application Demo

Below is a walk through of the MVP processes we focused on within the Uber Elevate application iterative design process.

Project reflection

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The ever-growing integration of technology into everyday human life if utilized and implemented with a user first, will ensure optimum outcomes. With the advent of cellphones, it’s given most modern-day humans a full featured computer in their pocket and the integration of a human information processor with a synthetic or AI based one is a reality that is ever apparent.


This project was focused on concept technologies that are likely to be implemented in the near future. Based on our data most people prefer to book through an efficient and easily accessible application over a call in or desktop access website booking. From this project I learned that it should always be best practice to involve the user and preform heuristic testing, evaluation, and revision early in any development life-cycle.

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