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Suzanne Collins Website Redesign

What I love about being in the User Experience field is that it gives me the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary teams. This project was a great collaborative design process, allowing me to work with students from graphic information technology and computer information systems.

The goal of this project was to develop a redesign of the Suzanne Collins website based on heuristic and user testing and analysis. The research portion of the project was a team contribution and lead to a final design and deliverable on an individual level. I enjoyed the development process in this interdisciplinary team because every team member offered a different perspective that in our case lead to a more well-rounded and effective design outcome.


Content Evaluation

In the initial stages of the design process we first evaluated the site content based on heuristics. We found many opportunities with the current site design. We evaluated every individual page based on our heuristic checklist and gave examples.

Information Architecture

We utilized an online card sorting method to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of the current site labels. Through this method we were able to identify what users wanted to see and expected in the site redesign. We also ultimately decided on a top-down approach for the structure of the new site design.

home page.png

Personas & Usability Testing

After our site evaluation, we moved on to creating personas along with usability session materials. We were able to gain additional qualitative data to help develop the sites concept design further.

Sitemap & Prototype

Based on the data gained from or information architecture and usability testing we were able to develop a sitemap. We then presented our results and the data we gathered along with our site plan.


The sitemap and presentation were the final aspects to the collaborative portion of this project. I moved on to develop the wire frames and prototype in Adobe XD.

Project reflection

I really enjoyed the interdisciplinary team aspect to this project. Though most of my classes challenge me with similar team projects, I felt we did well during this project to work as a team and produced a great result. This project showed me the importance of many minds and perspectives in the developmental process for any new design. I think with more and a broader involvement of professionals always leads to results that are richer, meet more goals of a broader demographic, and usually end with a better end deliverable.

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