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POS & Smart Fridge Integration

Starbucks Innovation and Design Lab representatives reached out to ASU to have us come up with a solution to tie their point of sale systems to their warming fridges. Starbucks wanted a smarter and more efficient stocking and inventory process for their employees to keep them more aware of inventory shortages and speed up customer support.


Understanding Stakeholders

To begin this project, my team and I visited a Starbucks  and spent time observing the employees at work and collected data about various required tasks. We then surveyed a group of employees to further discover what pain points existed in the processes. We were able to create user personas and user stories from this data.

Persona and user story

Prototyping Solutions

With this team project, we focused on how the food in the fridge was organized, stored, the inventory management, along with efficiency with interaction between Starbucks Team members, the POS, and the customer. We built our additions to this new system into the current POS to increase ROI. Then we created a product dispenser system within a new fridge organization structure that utilizes cartridge loading. Finally, we tied the cartridge system to the POS inventory management tracker we created with digital laser measuring technology.

POS System Digital Prototype Overview

We integrated the the new featured  into the existing POS  system. After loading the cartridges, users could select  the normal amount or edit the amount of product on hand if needed. All data would link to data servers accessible by the store manager and Starbucks corporate. Pictured here are the prototype pages from an indication of low product to  manually adding product to the system.   

Warming Fridge Physical Prototype

We used cardboard for the the fridge prototype and created the product dispenser with a 3D printer. We found the cartridge based distribution system was the most efficient  for reloading, as the cartridges could be loaded and sitting in the main fridge for back up. The dispensing device measures the product on-hand via pressure sensors based on the standard amount of product in the slider. 

Project Overview Video

Below is an overview video of our solutions and presentation for Starbucks.

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