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Content Strategy Profile & Proposal: Red Bull

This content strategy proposal was one of the first components in the website redesign I did for Red Bull’s website. In this proposal, I suggested website changes for Red Bull representatives to better suit the needs of their customers. It was important to gain rhetorical knowledge of both audience of Red Bull and Red Bull executives in order to create an effective design and meet stakeholder and audience goals.


The Concept of Red Bull Connect: Ignite Talk

This is an Ignite Talk style presentation of the idea of adding "Connect" to the Red Bull website. A social side to the platform that would bring together like minded people to discuss, enjoy, and set up meetups for the physical activities they enjoy so much. A social space for active people. 

Mockup all.jpg

The Website Prototype

After a multi iteration wireframe process I was able to develop a design that meets all may goals based on the rhetorical knowledge I gained from my research. Below is a walkthrough of the prototype.

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