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MyHyundai User Research & Task Analysis 

This interdisciplinary group project was focused on discovering what key tasks MyHyundai application users needed for the application to be useful for them, along with designing enjoyable processes for these tasks to be completed. Hyundai representatives reached out to the Arizona State University Human System Engineering program for help understanding what their users wanted to see in an application redesign and how they wanted to interact with the application for remote vehicle control and support purposes.


User Research Plan

Focus on understanding

We focused this research study on understanding the experience of using the MyHyundai Blue Link application from the current user’s perspective. We designed the study to help us better empathize with users to grasp both positive aspects and opportunities within the current application.


Analyzing the Application

We first used expert evaluation methods to evaluate the current application based on heuristic principals with a severity scale. The heuristics used during this evaluation were Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design. The severity of the usability concerns uncovered will be measured by the Jakob Nielsen four-step scale.



Possible Solutions

After discovering and defining critical problem areas within the current application, we moved to discussing, understanding, and mapping possible solutions. We then designed and prototyped our solutions and user flows to be tested by users later in the study.

Prototype Overview Video


Usability Sessions  

Observation & Surveys

After presenting our proposed solutions and new user workflows to the Hyundai representative we proceeded to administer usability sessions to several current and potential users. We utilized a session script for constancy, giving participants pre-session and post-session questionnaires in addition to user observation. 

Data collected included: Completion rate, time-on-task, actual user path,  error count,  user comments, administrator observations, and facial expressions. 


Session Materials & Recordings 

Screenshot 2020-09-10 154041.png
Screenshot 2020-09-10 153939.png
Screenshot 2020-09-10 154210.png

Usability Testing



We presented our finding and recommendations in a report to Hyundai representatives. We found that users primarily focused on car charging and remote vehicle management tasks. Users were also confused by links the lead them out of the application and to framed browsers.


All participants found emergency services and contact an important feature within the application and needed these features to be easy to access quickly within the application.


Overall, the prototyped solutions to navigational issues found within the original application were received well and allowed uses to meet tasks with minimal cognitive and physical effort. 


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