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Ditch the Dumpster Website Redesign

This website redesign project was one of my favorites throughout my academic career. This was a multi aspect project that required extensive research, design, and multiple deliverables. Critical thinking was necessary in order to develop a plan of evaluation for the current site and the new design. Additionally, key design decisions we all based on extensive data collection, analysis, and research. My Professor approved of this design to the extent he insisted on asking my permission to present it to ASU Ditch the Dumpster and website staff for approval and implementation.


Analysis Research and Investigation of the Original website and users

To begin this project, my team and I started by thoroughly analyzing the original website based on a key set of heuristics. That lead to an investigation plan that I developed and it included a user experience evaluation and survey to measure and identify user expectations, outcomes, and feelings. From that investigation I developed a usage story and was able to construct wireframes based on key user needs identified.

Wireframing key user tasks

Usability Recommendations and Prototype

From research, analysis, critical thinking, and the help of my team in the data gathering stages, I was able to develop a recommendations report and final website prototype for the Ditch the Dumpster Team. This report outlined a new design focused on answering four key tasks discovered in our research and analysis. Those user tasks solved in my design were to discover what Ditch the Dumpster is, discover what to donate, discover where to donate, and discover how to donate.


Project Reflection

As stated above, this was one of my favorite projects I overtook in my academic career at ASU. I enjoyed the discovery and analysis; I felt this projected helped me develop an understanding of how to identify user needs through qualitative data and communicate them through deliverables. I learned that a user’s perspective is not always a stakeholder’s perspective and gained further understanding of the steps, process, and tools needed to perform a thorough of investigation of a user interface and its effectiveness of design. Hard work and critical thinking throughout every aspect of this project, helped me to move forward with design aspects that lead to a successful outcome.

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