Arizona Seller Financing Project

The Arizona Seller Financing (ASF) website redesign was focused on developing a new system to better track and manage listings being offed to home buyers and to drive customer loyalty through better interaction and communication channels. I set out to create a system that requires minimal effort from end users related to all the main functions of the website. I wanted to ensure that all user/ customer interactions were simplified and clear. Overall, what made the original website frustrating for most users based on our testing, was that the website is useful but, could be clearer in rearguards to navigation and also purpose of elements and content within the home page.

Here is an overview of the usability session timeline and goals.

Expert Evaluations

I used various methods including a Stakeholder Analysis, Heuristic Evaluations, along with initial Preliminary User Research via online questionnaires to discover and collect data that indicates what users see the website as and what users are looking for within the ASF website.  



After conducting initial data collection, I found that there were three major users of the ASF website: I created Personas for Home Buyers, Loan Seekers, and Outside Realtors looking to partner with ASF. This data also drove User Stories to better understand these user types and to better meet their particular needs within the website.


The final aspect to my preliminary research was a Content Inventory Audit to help stakeholders see what content on the website is useful to users and what is redundant or needless for this application.

User Personas

Usability Sessions

Working from a script, I preformed Usability Sessions on several targeted users for the Arizona Seller Financing website. Users were asked to complete a pre-session questionnaire, users also completed four scenarios with two to three tasks each to collect quantitative and qualitative data. Finally, each user completed a post-session questionnaire to collect final and additional qualitative data. 

Usability Session Materials First Page Preview



From the data collected during the usability sessions there were navigational and content issues discovered on the website. Users also found it hard to find seller financing properties specifically in the general MLS search. To solve these issues, I simplified the customer workflow and main navigation. I then gave users more curated and specific options for more effective discovery and searching for new properties. These solutions included creating pages and groupings for properties by area and featured by our company for example.

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Findings &


Below is a slideshow of the User Research Findings & Recommendations I submitted to ASF stakeholders before development (the pdf version is functional and will lead you to the data collected). Website analytics of this website has show immediate and drastic improvements to user session times and click through rate of application functions. Development time-froma was two weeks and requred HTML, CSS, Java, database integration, and MLS integration. 

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